Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sizzling Sirens Valentines Show coming soon

Hello everyone,

Thank you for visiting my Blog. Exciting news for this upcoming week....I will be posting pictures from the Sizzling Sirens V-day show soon...the show was amazing and i highly recommend if you haven't seen them preform to go see them. They do burlesque right or should I say they do "Burlesque Fusion Cabaret" right! *wink* They were also picked as Sacramento's top art stay tuned! See what Sacramento news & Review had to say by clicking on this link: http://www. newsreview. com/sacramento/Content?oid=909623

If you'd like to check them out here is a link to their website: www. sizzlingsirensburlesque. com

Also I will be shooting Ode to Hair stylist event tonight and also some maternity shoots (maternity shoots are not at the club. lol) . Good stuff people...good stuff!

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