Sunday, April 26, 2009

Music Album and Myspace Shoot

Last month was busy. I did 3 shoots for album covers...most are not ready for release yet, but I thought I'd post up some for fun.

Hope you like them

The First Annual Urban Fashion Show J Richell Fashion for LAV Magazine

This was a really fun event...I actually was a model for this event for Rich Kid Academy Clothing doing the cat walk with Live preformance by DR. B...but I had to grab the camera and take some pics of these fresh fashions. Enjoy!

Dr.b and Sugar in Rich Kid Academy Clothing coming soon!

Hair Games April 25th 2009

Hi boys and's been a long time since I've writen a blog..don't fret loves...I've got lots of pic's to post and more to come including some of me modeling and of me in a music Video! *meoow*

Keep checking up on my blog for updates. <3 Sugar